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We start with a discovery meeting to learn about your organization’s goals and to brainstorm video content ideas with you.  If you already have ideas in mind, that’s great!  We love creative collaboration.

Then, our team will map out a video marketing strategy that fits your needs.  Not only do we plan the creative content, but we also plan for how you will use the video as part of your broader marketing efforts.  Will it be for social media, or will it be on the big screen at a conference?  Is it for a public-facing campaign, or for internal use only?  We don’t leave anything to chance, so at this stage we ensure the video we create will meet your organization’s needs in every way.

As experienced filmmakers, we know that the best shoots are well-planned.  We’ll take care of casting, crewing, locations, equipment, props, and anything else your project may require.  We will develop the creative direction for your video, as well as plan for all logistical needs and contingencies, so that your video production is smooth and stress-free.



This is when the vision starts to come alive!  Our team has handled everything from half-day productions in an office space with CEOs, to multi-day on-location shoots with actors.

We often work with non-actors for our documentary and corporate projects, and we are eager to make even the most camera-shy person feel at ease in front of the lens.  Our philosophy is that everyone has a story – a perspective – to share.  When we sit down with someone for an interview, that’s what we seek to capture.

We work with top crew members in the area, in order to deliver the highest quality product possible.  You are not just hiring us as a film crew, you are hiring us as partners to tell your organization’s story.  We don’t take that lightly.  We manage our productions with care, professionalism, and respect.



Get ready to wow your audience with your new video content.  During the post-production phase, we piece the video together into its final format, adding b-roll, music, sound effects, motion graphics, text, or whatever the video needs to really shine.

Our team uses the full Adobe Creative Suite, the industry standard in post-production software.  We have access to music and sound effects libraries, and can even bring on board a professional composer if that’s what you need.  We will keep you apprised of the progress, sending you rough cuts for review, and inviting your feedback and ideas.

Once the video is finalized, we can also manage getting your video out to audiences – helping you with online uploads, DVD duplication, or live presentations.

Our Services

More Details Coming Soon!  In the meantime, check out our latest original series, Aether: Beta!

And visit our portfolio to see more of our work.

Fountain City Films was born out of the desire to tell compelling stories on film.  Nothing is more compelling than real life.  If you have an idea for a documentary, and need a film crew to bring it to life, we provide the professional, experienced team you need.

For businesses and organizations, we can create brand documentaries, which tell the story of your organization’s history, mission, and vision for the future.

For film and television projects, we can meet your needs for behind-the-scenes photography and videos – a crucial part of your project’s marketing.

For non-profits and causes, we partner with you to tell the story of why you do what you do, and to illustrate the issues that you care deeply about.  We offer discounted rates to non-profits.

If you have a real-life story you are burning to tell, you need a crew who can handle the unique challenge of documentary filmmaking.  We are experienced interviewers, we know how to put non-actors at ease in front of the camera, and we take great care and respect in filming real-life situations.

Professional photography illustrates your commitment to excellence.  In one photo session, our photographers will capture high-quality images to showcase your organization at its best.  Photographs with a consistent and on-brand style will enhance your overall web presence and image.

Portraits of your staff-members improves your website by showing visitors the who behind the what.

Actors and entertainers?  A vivid, attention-grabbing headshot is your calling card, an absolute must.

In addition to portraits, we are equipped for location and product photography, as well as action/candid shots to illustrate your products or services.  Does your next event need coverage?  Let us know!  For an additional cost, we can travel wherever you need us to be.

Your brand deserves a higher standard of photography.

View our photography portfolio here.

Advertising is changing.  Are you ready to adapt, and attract the customers of today?  No longer do brands focus their marketing dollars on sell-sell-sell.  Rather, today’s marketing landscape is about attracting customers through valuable content that informs, entertains, and motivates them.  Inbound marketing is a job for a storyteller.

We would love to partner with you to tell your brand’s story, and reach audiences in the places where they already are.  Branded video content is a smart investment, with many applications and distribution options.  These are just a few of the types of productions that can enhance your business’s presence and attract customers:

COMMERCIALS | 30-second and 15-second commercials are still king when it comes to television advertising.  While certainly not the only way to use video in your marketing plan, commercials on television or online offer high-visibility for your brand.

BRAND DOCUMENTARIES | These are short-form videos featuring interviews and footage of your businesses; they communicate why you do what you do, and what sets your business apart from the competition.

SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS | These are short (2 minutes or less) videos specifically created and optimized for social media platforms.  These videos aren’t about selling or promoting, but about giving your potential clients and customers the content they are looking for online, while raising brand awareness for your business.

TESTIMONIALS | Want to know what’s even better than a 5-star review?  A 5-star review on video: your happy customers explaining on camera why they love your products or services.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is priceless.

For many businesses live seminars or training sessions are essential.  You are probably already conducting these in your business in one way or another.  But how many times after the event is over do you or another employee wish they could see the session again for that amazing quote that inspired them the first time?  Fountain City Films has a solution – live event recording.

These videos offer a record of the event that you and your employees can go back to time and time again. They also provide an easy way for employees who miss the event to stay connected and learn the material covered in the session.  Live Event videos can increase your current training and enrichment program’s rate of retention and participation.

For conferences and other public-facing events, Fountain City Films provides audio-visual support.  As you know, AV needs are many: from supplying mics for keynote speakers, to livestreaming sessions for remote attendees – there is always something that needs to be plugged in, uploaded, or recorded!  For all this, you need and AV team you can depend on.

Recap videos are also incredibly useful for promotions, or even end-of-conference celebrations.  We can do same-day edits, giving your attendees a look back at the best moments of the event.  Fountain City Films is eager to fulfill all your media needs on your organization’s big day.

Do you need to record an interview for a training session, a course, or a campaign? What makes a good interview great is not fancy cameras (though, we do use fancy cameras), but rather the ability to draw out a good story from the person telling it. That is what engages the audience.  Our producers are experienced interviewers who have had the opportunity to interview dozens of fascinating people on camera.

Camera-shy?  We think of interviews as simply conversations, and we aim to put the interviewee at ease so they can open up and share their experience and their passion.  We will work with you to develop questions and an overall structure for the video.

Do you have a guest speaker or VIP visiting your organization?  Consider scheduling an interview with them so you can share their knowledge and expertise with future audiences.

Interview videos have many applications for your business or group, and a solid interview can be repackaged for several different uses.   For example if you need a shorter video, we can also edit the interview into a short piece or a series of short videos, hitting the high points.

If you have a message to share, either with the public or inside your organization, consider an interview video.  (It’s not as scary as it sounds – promise.)

After you have the basics down of posting regularly to social media, you need a way to distinguish your top quality content. This is the content you really want customers to pay attention to.  One of the best ways to do that is through videos.

Fountain City Films makes this easy. For those clients who already have a good social media presence and are wanting to up their marketing game, we offer this Social Media Video Subscription service.This is a monthly subscription service where we schedule a day (or more) to come and film enough video content for you to then post videos consistently for the month. We market and package our services in this way to give you savings and to ensure you always have top quality video content.  By signing up and combining multiple videos into one marathon day (don’t worry it is a marathon for us, a walk in the park for you) we pass on to you economies of scale.

We will help you put together scripts that are relevant to your industry and cover topics your customers are interested in hearing about. We will develop these scripts to fit into your current social media marketing strategy. These videos will be top of the line and separate you from your competition that may be cutting corners by doing DIY videos on their own. (Or going with less than reputable advertising agencies that will take you for your arm and leg while robbing the bank!)

If you’re already using video, congratulations!  You are leveraging one of the strongest marketing & branding tools of our time.  We’re here to help you make the most of your videos, by giving them the professional edge you deserve.

Our in-house editors will make your video content shine. We’ll save you time, and deliver videos that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Our years of experience editing content for television, businesses, and organizations will be put to your service.  We work in Adobe CC:

Premiere | After Effects | Photoshop | Audition | Illustrator

Watch our editing reel for a sampling of our post-production work.

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