Danielle Melissovas Thompson

With a decade of documentary, narrative, and corporate work to her credit, Danielle Melissovas Thompson is a writer/director with a diverse set of experiences. She is a published photographer whose visual style is bold, colorful, and detail-oriented. When she’s not leading a project as director or producer, she’s usually editing a project for a collaborator.

Danielle brings dedication and a well-rounded perspective to every project. Having a background in English, Theatre, and Film, she holds an MFA in Directing from Regent University, and a Masters in Film Aesthetics from Oxford University in the UK. With this academic pedigree, she knows that every project begins with research and a lot of thinking!

Originally from Georgia, she is based in the Southern U.S.  and always enjoys the opportunity to travel for a project.  She’s a coffee enthusiast, and has never met a cat she didn’t like.