How can video save time in my business?

Video is a very powerful tool for business and I am talking beyond the normal marketing value of video here. So I am just going to briefly touch on that and then move on. Video is a huge time saver for marketing in a variety of ways from just being so effective at reaching people that less time has to be spent on marketing overall to using video to educate your clients so you do not have to constantly say the same thing over and over again (if only they would listen the first time).

But where the true time saving potential of video comes in to play for a business is when you use video internally. You need to review safety use a video. You need to hype up your sales team use video. You need to make sure everyone stays on brand and knows your corporate core values, use video. After you take the time to create an effective video it can keep you from having to repeat the same message over and over again for years, freeing you to do what you do best, running your business.

Another way video can save businesses time is via live event recording. Let’s say you have a corporate retreat coming up. Now we all know how much fun it is to travel around the Hampton Roads area (not fun at all for you out of towers). Instead of finding a place large enough for all of your staff and waiting on everyone to get there, film a live event with your local staff to that location. You can then either stream the video to your other locations over the internet and or have someone record the event for playback later. Now that one guy who is always “sick” for these events has no excuse he can watch everything when he is feeling “better” later.

I hinted at it before but I think one of the best ways that video can save businesses time is through product demos, or service demos. These videos are ones that you share with your clients so that they can see your product or service in action. These can be fun time savers and give your business a unique way to engage and retain clients over time.

There are a host of other ways that video can save your business time and we all know time is money so do you and your business a favor by utilizing video today to share repetitive messages across your business. To capture corporate events, and to motivate not only your employees but your customers also.

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